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Edexcel English Literature – Specifications Explained
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  • Oct 02, 2020

Edexcel English Literature – Features and Specifications

The Edexcel English Literature qualification is offered by Pearson that exercises as an internationally authorized academic entity in the UK. Edexcel English Literature course fits perfectly into the ambitious goals and requirements of the students who have visualized learning the heart of English literature from the initial stage of education. However, a little fraction of the students have insights into the all-inclusive Edexcel English Literature program, which is why we have explained its parameters in the article. Hence, this blog is designed for your assistance by

What is Pearson Edexcel English Literature qualification?

Pearson Edexcel English Literature is mapped out while taking into account the primary four keynotes that are labeled as structure, content, assessment, and approach. If we define each term discretely, then the structure of the Edexcel English Literature qualification is linear in nature which validates the fact that all the units would be taken in the last of the course. Moreover, as far as the content it implants, is heavily based on rich literary documents spanning from British legacy to the international zones together with turning the whole program into a captivating element to study. In addition to this, the content accurately synchronizes with the learner’s needs and tendencies through the assortment of highly coherent, complete, and advanced texts. Next, the assessment of this qualification is classified into multiple preferences of the students. They are free to choose either 100% external assessment or 60% external examination and 40% internal coursework. Additionally, the approach of the program is built to improve the existing competence and skills of the students so that they could shape their future careers into what they have dreamt of.

Furthermore, Edexcel English Literature is tailored specifically for the learners who aim to comprehend, read, and practice the literary texts along with nurturing the mandatory skills that are required to grasp a broad collection of literature of the globe. Additionally, it provides the prospective students with surface and deeper level understanding of the cultures, values, and traditions different societies hold and regulate. Likewise, a wide range of students is keenly interested in implementing the learned literary skills and knowledge into the educational context to inaugurate their professional careers as educators and coaches. On top of everything, the passion and devotion of unfolding the intriguing layers of the English Literature drive the learners to get registered in the Edexcel English Literature course. Following are the specifications of Edexcel English Literature briefed for your smooth guidance.

Pearson Edexcel A level English Literature

This specification deals with effective courses and study plans that align with the requisites of the students so that they could showcase true abilities during research and organizational settings. The best and prominent aspect of Pearson Edexcel A level English Literature that unites the engagement and interest of the students together is the integration of choicest literary texts. Apart from this, it covers the main genres of literature that are poetry, prose, and drama. Along with this, it also contains coursework that might be grounded on poetry, drama, prose, or non-fiction text. The courses are schemed carefully by putting the requirements of the students forward and it focuses on flexibility and effective learning. Particularly, the contributions and work of renowned authors, poets, and writers are a central part of the specification. In this manner, the students have different options to choose from the list of courses and make their entire course beneficial.

Pearson Edexcel AS and A level English Literature

Pearson Edexcel AS and A level English Literature embraces the comprehensive English Literature needs of the students, making them proficient in a diverse range of educational areas. Most importantly, it emphasizes the literary texts that belong to the plethora of different genres such as drama, anthology, prose, poetry, etc. Additionally, this qualification develops a sense of innovation which makes the juices of creativity flow of the students through analysis, production of original work, and creative writing. Therefore, students enrolled in this program expand their horizons in a versatile range such as interpretations of the text, honing personal interests, and fortifying the skills.

Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) in English Literature

This course suits the best for the students who love to explore the thrilling and bone-chilling aspects of literature through novels, plays, dramas, poems, acts, fables, and the list goes on. Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) in English Literature is an integral part of the GSCE qualifications. Moreover, it lays the bedrock for higher education and work experience for the learners. It helps them shaping and enhancing their literature background based on different cultures, eras, and movements. Apart from this, the top benefit of taking this course is that students are able to read, understand, and critically evaluate the pieces of writing effortlessly. They become adroit in producing well-structured and refined write-ups. Their stock of vocabulary magnify and they gain command on good reading and writing skills. On the whole, several perks are attached to the Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) in English Literature that are relished and applied by the students in workplaces.

Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in English Literature

This is an upper level from level 2 and educates the students about the detailed and complex matrices of English Literature. After the completion of Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in English Literature, students hold command in reading skills, critical analysis, applying previous knowledge to literary areas, undertaking independent research works, and generating their own literary documents. Moreover, the framework of this course is stretched over three components that are drama, prose, and poetry along with non-examination tests. It entails Shakespeare’s plays majorly and proses fiction, poetry, and texts. Therefore, the course is devised considering the academic needs of the students significantly. For detailed assistance into the matter, you are free to visit Qualified Pearson.


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