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Important Things to Follow in Your Dissertation
  • Post by:Admin
  • Jul 25, 2020

Things Smart Students Reckon While Undertaking Dissertation

When we talk about the dissertation, the first thing that triggers the mind is, how to accomplish it? Whether it is your undergraduate, masters, or Ph.D. dissertation, it has to be completed under certain terms and conditions since a major fraction of your degree counts on its achievement. A dissertation could make your credentials accredited and at the same time, it could as well devastate your entire career. However, the students who are clear-sighted and do not want to risk their future at any costs, try to understand the primary purpose of this extended piece of writing. A dissertation is meant to examine:

  • competence of a specific research area or relevance to the corresponding discipline
  • comprehension of the barriers and challenges of empirical research or literature-based research
  • the potentials to combat practical research problems specifically during the accumulation, manipulation, and interpretation of data
  • skills in tackling complex real-world problems and processes
  • secondary skills including data analysis skills, time management skills, report writing skills, etc.
  • skills of outlining a project and associating its subject-matter to other components of the principal knowledge

Therefore, students who win great dissertations follow golden rules that we have explored and assembled for your guidance. Once you perceive that the process of the dissertation is far more important than the actual findings, you would automatically focus on the learning and research process. A dissertation provides you with unpredictable benefits and you could only realize this when you are done with its submission. Therefore, let’s jump below to the pro tips discussed by ivory research writers that are actually helpful in the whole research and writing process.

Review your research proposal thoroughly

It is inevitable to avoid procrastination and stress during the writing process of the dissertation however, the best way to take the start is to revise your research proposal. At this point in time, when you are about to write the whole final dissertation, you must have a well-structured research proposal at hand that states the primary research topic, objectives, research designs, and importance of the selected research area. However, it is not necessary to firmly stick to the planned things. Research is a flexible process and transitions could occur at the very last moment too. All you have to do is, understand what your research aim is and how you could draw justified conclusions through effective research methodologies. Meanwhile, your research proposal would provide you with bundles of ideas and a clear direction of taking your study. Hence, without giving second thoughts to other things, analyze your research framework, that is, your research proposal.

Delegate chapters a specific time frame

The dissertation could not be completed quickly thus, you have to break it down into chapters and sections. You should know what each chapter incorporates in itself for instance the introduction part includes the question, aims, problem statement, significance, assumptions, hypothesis, variables, keywords, and limitations. Therefore, look after the headings and sub-headings of the chapters. After doing that, write each chapter on either a daily basis or a weekly basis. It is better to divide each section in a proper schedule so that you do not have to stress out in the last moments of submission. A great tip could be starting your dissertation with the most difficult part and ending it with the easiest one. Thus, when you classify your chapters and headings within proper time, then you would observe a drastic difference in the quality and pace of your study.

Focus on the literature review chapter

Remember that your literature review is the heart of your dissertation. To make it stronger and dynamic, dig out relevant data from authentic sources such as online libraries, journals, and articles. All the prior literature and background information would be positioned in this chapter with logical patterns. The literature review aims to justify your chosen research topic and support your ideas with credible references, therefore, keep it specific and highly relevant. Additionally, whatever you are citing or quoting, maintain a record of all their links so that you could organize the reference list without any hindrance. Use the prescribed referencing style in your content and if you get stuck at some point, then do not hesitate to contact Ivory writers for professional advocacy.

Spend excessive time in the editing process

This is one of the crucial aspects of the dissertation process. You have the chapters scribbled at hand, now you need them to shine like diamonds. The editing process is way too vital as it polishes your content and makes it highly readable. While writing, we are not aware of the omissions we create within our content. The editing process determines the essence of the whole study and one single mistake could ruin the purpose. Make sure you have placed the references appropriately and you sound insightful through your words. Similarly, the structures, style, format, tone, coherence, clarity, analyzed data, findings, and grammar should also be inspected. In this manner, when you are satisfied with the overall discussion of Ph.D. students, then your study is all set to get submitted finally.


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