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At Ivory Researcher, students from all over the world approach us to take benefits in their school work writing therefore it is our utmost responsibility to ascertain the complete privacy of their personal information. In addition to this, we run a set of fixed rules of privacy policy that encompasses the measures taken to safeguard the personal identity and details of the clients. Hence, the students who aim to seek help from us in their academics should read all the following terms and hereby give their consent to them.

The significance of cookies

Cookies are an integral part of the site since it supports to structure the entire framework of the confidentiality system. Thus, we use cookies to customize the online experience of our visitors and clients along with making the process effective for them as per their requirements. Moreover, cookies help us in dichotomizing the web traffic and exploring about the visitors to our site. In this manner, you should know that a few set of cookies are transferred to your system for a specified duration for certain investigation purposes by higher authorities of the company.

The system of web browsing

The privacy system entails the process of saving specific chunks of information of the visitors who step into our site. This happens when any visitor land on our page then our auto-created framework linked to our site automatically saves their information that includes IP address, time and date, web browser used, and some data of the working framework through which the visitor has reached our site. Hence, the process enhances our visitor management skills and keeps us updated of the people browsing our site.

Data collection process

The process of data collection depends solely on the kind of communication the client makes with the company. There are different periods when we accumulate the personal information of the clients such as when they visit the site to go through our services, when they get registered to our site, and when they book their orders. The possible categories of the information we gather are, contact details, account information, personal data, preferences, IP address, location, etc. However the objective of this process is to make things go clear and flexible. We aim to make the whole process reliable and free from fraud which is why we consider it necessary to have some data from the customers. Let us tell you that all the information collected is assessed by the management only for safety purposes. Therefore, the data collection process allows the clients to use our services effortlessly and inform us about our drawbacks so that we should inform the functions of our site.

The assurance of security

We would like to notify you that all the information collected is kept safe in the databases which are only handled by the management for vital purposes. Additionally, the data includes basic data of the clients that is needed at the time of organizing the record of our clients to save ourselves from future hassles. In this manner, we promise you 100% anonymity at our place with absolute safest systems.

The modification in privacy policy

It is mentioned that if the company plans to alter or revise the privacy policies then the clients are requested to preview the page anytime as the page would be updated with the modified version.